Package org.indy

Interface Summary
CommandHandlerListener A listener interface for events on IdCommandHandler objects
Connection.Capturable An interface that supports having lines of text input to it.
ConnectionInterceptListener Description of the Interface
IndyComponentListener A listener interface for receiving notification of status changes and read / write operations in an IndyComponent.
IndyThreadListener Description of the Interface
PeerThreadFactory DOCUMENT ME!
PeerThreadManager DOCUMENT ME!
TCPClientListener An interface defining events fired by TCPClient.
TCPServerExecuteListener Title:
TCPServerListener DOCUMENT ME!

Class Summary
AbstractPeerThreadManager Provides a skeletal implementation of the ThreadManager interface that clients can use as the basis for their own implementations.
BaseComponent BaseComponent is the base class that is the ancestor for all Indy components.
CommandEvent Command represents information about commands received by a TCPServer for an executing PeerThread, and handled using a CommandHandler.
CommandHandler Provides the basis for TCPServer command handling.
CommandHandlers A specialized collection class for IdCommnandHandler This class is not thread safe without external sync.
Connection Provides extended functionality for using org.indy.IOHandlers, such as reading and writing primitives, checking response codes and extracting RFC compliant messages.
ConnectionIntercept Base class for Indy connection interceptos.
DefaultPeerThreadFactory DOCUMENT ME!
DefaultPeerThreadManager Default implementation of PeerThreadManager
IdResourceStrings IdResourceStrings
IndyComponent IndyComponent is the ancestor of all Indy components which implement client or server functionality.
IndyComponent.WorkMode An enumerated class representing the possible work types for siganalling work events in an IndyComponent.
IndyStatusEvent Represents a state change in an IndyComponent.
IndyThread Provides the basis for Indy threading as used by PeerThread in TCPServer.
IndyThread.Priority Represents IndyThread priority.
IndyThread.StopMode An enumertaed class describing the possible stopping modes for an IndyThread.
IndyThreadEvent Description of the Class
ListenerThread DOCUMENT ME!
PeerThread Description of the Class
RFCReplies This is not synced.
RFCReply Description of the Class
Status IdStatus
TCPClient Description of the Class
TCPClientEvent Passed by events from TCPClientListener
TCPServer Description of the Class
TCPServerConnection Description of the Class
TCPServerEvent Provides a summary of server state for event handlers

Exception Summary
IndyException IdException
InterceptCircularLinkException Description of the Class
ProtocolException DOCUMENT ME!
TCPServerException Description of the Class

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